PropertyPal or is it PropertyNews? Homepage find out!

We take a look at PropertyPal and PropertyNews to highlight what they do and explain what a property portal is.

Homepage help you find out what PropertyPal and PropertyNews are and how they operate within the Northern Ireland estate agency market.

PropertyPal is one of Northern Ireland’s two major property listing portals.


The other is PropertyNews.



A property portal?

A property portal is an online estate agency service for posting property listings for sale or to rent.

Listings can be residential resales, new homes, land and sites, commercial property and rental or lettings.


The online version of a shop window.

Property portals are the equivalent of window shopping on your local high street.

Except instead of looking into the window of one estate agent. You are basically looking through the window of them all.


Who uses PropertyPal and PropertyNews?

Only registered estate agents or developers can list properties on PropertyPal or PropertyNews.

Anyone with an internet connection can search the listings on PropertyPal and PropertyNews. This is the key benefit of using property portals.

They make thousands of listings from hundreds of different estate agents easily accessible in one place.


So, which property portal is best in Northern Ireland?

We haven’t carried out any formal review or critique of PropertyPal or PropertyNews.

They both list houses, land or commercial property. Provide search functionality and allow users to save favourites and make enquiries to the selling agent.

Most estate agents post duplicate listings of their properties on both portals so as not to miss any potential buyers.

PropertyPal and PropertyNews are almost like Coke and Pepsi. Like ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ or Tweedledee and tweedledum.

It seems you cannot have one without the other.

We checked the houses listed for sale over £20,000 on both sites to see which had more listings.

PropertyNews had 10,865 live listings.



PropertyPal had 12,000 listings for the same criteria.


There isn’t a massive gap between them.

Especially when you take into account some properties may be duplicated on each portal themselves. Although both PropertyPal and PropertyNews monitor their listings to reduce the overlap.


Our overall view

Based on this simple check PropertyPal is the larger portal. Although the sheer number of listings on both portals goes to show how important they both are to the market.

In the rest of the UK Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and On the Market are the major portals. Although they do not have a significant share of the market here in Northern Ireland in comparison.


If you are selling your home in Northern Ireland

If you are listing your house with an estate agent in Northern Ireland, it makes sense to use both PropertyPal and PropertyNews.

It’s were everyone is listing.

Check with the agent that you are engaging that they list on PropertyPal and PropertyNews.

Also ask what other ways they are marketing your property. Your property could be very easily missed by prospective buyers due to the sheer number of listings on both these portals.

There are a multitude of other marketing techniques that should also be used to get your house the maximum exposure to potential buyers.


If you are interested in listing your home you can see the extra steps homepage take to market properties here



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