What is a homepage? Don’t you mean what is homepage?

What is a homepage? Don’t you mean what is homepage?

A homepage is the main page or start-up page of a website or browser. The Homepage is the page that users navigate directly to when typing in a page url or clicking a link to a site. An example would be  or

That’s all great stuff, but our question is what is homepage? Which is an entirely different answer!

Like asking what is Google, or Facebook? Homepage is a company or a business offering. Homepage estate agents offers online services. We provide users with quality content and services relating to home ownership, home renovations, decoration, extensions or buying and selling a home. So if you have a home related query homepage aim to be able to provide you with the answer.

Homepage also offer residential house sales across Northern Ireland as homepage online estate agents. Delivered through three very easy to manage and customise packages. Starting from just £299.

  1. A fully online estate agents package, Option 1: DIY package from £299.
  2. We also offer a hybrid estate agent package, Option 2: Standard packages from £499.
  3. Our full traditional estate agent package, Option 3: Premium package for £1199.

You can add or remove services from each of the packages to tailor a product to suit you and your sales budget. More info


How do I know I am on the right Homepage?

When you use a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo you will be provided results for the phrase you have entered.

The links provided in these search results will most often take you to the homepage of the site you have searched. Unless you have searched a very specific term, which may result in you being taken to another page on the site which the search engine thinks is more relevant.

If you search for homepage, homepage estate agents or homepage online estate agents. You will be looking for results with in the URL of the search result. An example of a link to homepage from a Google search is below.


Is the Homepage safe?

Internet security is a very important factor when browsing the web. Homepage has taken as many security measures as practicable in order to protect those using our services at

The most important factor to look out for when landing on any site including homepage is to ensure the domain is secure. Examples of how you know a site is secure are:

  • The beginning of the web address contains https:// instead of http://
  • There is a padlock symbol in the address bar


Not all sites that don’t have these security elements in the address bar are dangerous. There are a lot of legitimate websites that do not have SSL security. If using these sites, you just have to be more careful with the data you share.

Why did you use the name homepage?

Homepage is the trading name for our online estate agents Northern Ireland business. We feel that it is representative of what services we provide.

  • We are a web page that offers home advice, sales and listings.
  • So we are a webpage of homes or
  • A home’s page that’s online.

We believe that the name homepage is a perfect mix of the services we provide. Homepage will become synonymous with home sales, advice and guidance within the Northern Ireland homes marketplace.


What is the homepage logo?

Our homepage logo embodies our idea of homepage being an online hub for home related content.

Our logo is simple, easy to understand and memorable. Just like the service we provide


It is made up of three key components relating to the online services homepage provides:

  • We deal with homes, so we included a house
  • We are based online, so we included a mouse icon
  • We are a selection of web pages, so we incorporated the new tabs icon from mobile

We hope you like it and check out our excellent services.

Mobile logo for homepage online

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